Within the retail sector, people expect the very best in customer service from all companies and businesses that they deal with on a regular basis. The most successful companies are those who provide the very best in customer service via contact centers, therefore enhancing the customer experience. These expectations have reached the same level when it comes to dealing with non-commercial enterprises, including government contact centers.

To provide effective client experiences from government services, you may consider government contact center outsourcing. Here at DATAMARK, we can provide you with outsourcing opportunities in multiple back-office services, including contact center outsourcing services for government agencies. We apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies in order to provide the people you deal with a streamlined and high-quality customer service experience.

Advantages When it Comes to Government Contact Center Outsourcing

Here at DATAMARK we can provide the precise, outsourced services you need that you may not have the experience, expertise or budgetary requirements to provide. Among the advantages of outsourcing your government contact center requirements are:

Communication Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

One of the major headaches for citizens is that many government agencies are only available via office hours. Consumer help is typically available for longer periods, so citizens become frustrated when the same is not true for government agencies.

By outsourcing your government contact center to DATAMARK we can provide you with a dedicated public-facing team that's available to your citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only does this reassure the people seeking to contact you that help is available all day and all night, it also allows you to respond quickly to any critical issues.

We can also provide a multi-channel contact option, allowing the public a range of options as methods of contact including telephone, cellphone SMS/text and live chat. We can also provide bilingual call center services in both English and Spanish.

Deal With Increase in Demand

Should a major public emergency arise, it's likely that your department will find itself deluged with calls from concerned citizens. If you cannot meet the demand, then citizens are likely to become concerned that their queries are not being answered, leading to agitation and maybe even panic. Additionally, if you allocate staff members to deal with this increase in inquiries, then there will be less people available to help deal with the situation that has arisen.

By using the services of a government contact center outsourcing company such as DATAMARK, you will be dealing with a company that has the ability to increase the level of services that can be provided when they are needed. This means that during high volume contact times people can be dealt with effectively without any drop in the high quality of services that can be provided.

Your Citizens Will Receive the Very Best in Services at all Times

Citizens need reassurance – they need to know that their government is there for them and that their welfare is being taken care of. If you are unable to provide the level of call center availability that is perhaps expected, then confidence in your ability to deal with citizen issues will wane. Sometimes your citizens will simply wish to know that all is well without any need to deal with a specific issue, so their frustrations will grow if they are unable to speak to someone, or are kept on hold for lengthy periods until someone becomes available.

At DATAMARK, as a premier government contact center outsourcing company, we will take over the responsibility of dealing with communications from your citizens with the utmost in professionalism and expertise. We also deal with you at all times to make sure that the services that we provide for you are optimized for what you require of us.

A Streamlined Service That Will Benefit Your Constituents

If you outsource your government call center services to a single vendor, namely us here at DATAMARK, then you will be providing your citizens with a consistent, effective and streamlined service that will provide a consistent message. We will take full responsibility for all inbound and outbound communications across all the contact channels that we provide, and will react accordingly to notify your relevant departments of all matters that they need to deal with.

We also can provide the very best in technologies thanks to our dedicated and experienced call center services – technologies that you may find difficult to access or afford if you keep your government call center services in-house.

Achieve Outstanding Levels of Service with Measurable Outcomes

As you are well aware, government exists to provide answers and outcomes to the needs of its citizens, and if it is perceived that they are not being met, then citizens may decide that they would prefer a change of government! With government call center outsourcing from DATAMARK you will be providing your citizens with the highest quality of dedicated services possible, and with measurable results.

Additionally, if you outsource your call center services to an expert company that provides such services on a dedicated basis, then your citizens will instantly notice an improvement in what is available to them. This will not only reassure them in that they are in receipt of the type and level of services they expect, it will remind them that their government has gone the extra mile when it comes to public services, and it will let them know that you take their responsibilities very seriously.

Get the Most Effective Government Call Center Outsourcing from DATAMARK

If you are considering outsourcing your government call center services, then you should seriously consider selecting the high quality of services available from the experienced services of DATAMARK. We have been providing the very best in outsourced call center services and other business services to all types of both private and public entities, including Fortune 500 companies, since 1989. To learn more, contact us at 800.477.1944 or use the online contact form that’s available on our website.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Contact Centers

A Trusted Partner

DATAMARK has over 25 years experience in business process services and know what governments need for their contact centers.

Worldwide Presence & Bilingual Options

DATAMARK's worldwide presence makes time and language less of a barrier for our government business partners.

Brand Image Maintenance

DATAMARK knows that maintaining seamless image is important to the security and integrity of government agencies. We promise that all agents we hire will maintain the face of your organization and provide government-level customer service.

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