From 311 and 211 services to's information specialist line, people both in and outside the United States rely on government call centers every single day for help. In order to cope with the high number of calls, government agencies have a duty to ensure contact centers are well-optimized and prepared.

This isn’t always easy; the government sector is ever changing. Population growth, changing demographics, and even shifting political and social standards mean that most agencies are serving more people and handling more contacts than ever before.

At DATAMARK, we want to help your government agency navigate these changes. We provide intelligent, forward-thinking Onsite Management services for America’s most important government agencies. From efficiency tweaks to full-scale business re-engineering, we can help you better adapt.

Ideal Solutions for All Government Sectors

The U.S. Government and its agencies expand, shift, and grow on a regular basis. As call volumes and demands increase, contact centers must work hard to keep up. Sometimes, this means re-engineering a current contact center; in other cases, it means opening a new agency contact center in a new location.

Onsite Management for Government Contact Centers can help you mitigate and rise up to these challenges faster, more efficiently, and with less stress. Instead of outsourcing your contact center services to a third-party business, you maintain control over your contact center; we simply step in and offer expert management at your chosen location. Whether your location is near-shore, far-shore, or multi-location, we can help you manage it more effectively.

DATAMARK’s diverse portfolio also allows us to provide unique services other business process outsourcing companies can’t. This includes the ability to create a fully outsourced government agency contact center within your own location. Our Onsite Management teams take care of every aspect of daily operation, leaving your staff free to focus on more important tasks. DATAMARK handles the workload, while you maintain visibility, transparency, and the ability to step in and take control.

The Benefits of Outsourcing With Fewer Drawbacks

The benefits of outsourcing your contact center to DATAMARK are endless. Unfortunately, outsourcing does come with a few potential drawbacks, too, especially within the government sector. The number one concern most clients have is how to manage agents and employees currently working for them. They worry about losing their connection to valued staff with long-term institutional knowledge, or about severing ties with people who have dutifully served with them for decades.

DATAMARK’s Onsite Management options eliminate these concerns entirely. Instead of forcing current agents and staff members to move on, we offer to employ them within our ranks right at your location. They become valued members of our team and important ambassadors for your agency at the same time.

When you work with DATAMARK, there is no need to lose human capital or let go of important resources just to access the services you need. We can provide the best of both worlds, maintaining your most important assets as we lighten your workload.

Lower Costs and Improve Quality

All government contact centers are paid for with taxpayer dollars; even a single wasted dollar is unacceptable. Unfortunately, resource waste in the call center industry often makes running a center far more expensive than it needs to be.

DATAMARK believes that ideal optimization of workflows and contact center processes can help to reduce incidents of waste and excess financial loss. From how you pay your agents on the floor to in-house statistics, like call times and rate of resolution, our onsite management teams let you do more for less. Instead of shortcuts that sacrifice quality and put your agency at risk, we enact real, sustainable, maintainable changes.

Bilingual On-Site Support

DATAMARK maintains one of the largest bilingual operational communities in the world. When you partner with us, you instantly gain access to our entire workforce. We can assign agents proficient in English, Spanish, and several other major languages spoken on home soil and around the world. Agents are tested for proficiency in neutral-accented English and Spanish to ensure they’re easy for callers to work with, understand, and communicate with.

Having access to bilingual agents and Onsite Management teams is critical in the government sector. In many cases, regulations demand you provide service in at least the two most common languages. Giving callers the ability to communicate with you in their most comfortable language is also an excellent way to foster loyalty and improve clarity in communications.

If your government agency cannot or does not provide in-house bilingual support services to constituents, DATAMARK’s Onsite Management is a must. Let us help you fill the gaps and provide world class service to all citizens without bringing in interpreters or hiring costly translation services.

Other Complementary DATAMARK Services

DATAMARK’s diverse portfolio of business process outsourcing services also allows us to assist government agencies in many other ways. Onsite Management is really just the beginning; we customize every partnership to best fit the needs of your agency or location. Using Six Sigma strategies and Total Quality Management techniques, we consistently go over and above for our large number of government clients.

Additional Services to Leverage for Your Government Agency

Below are just a few of our additional services, which are popular among our government clients.

  • 311 Contact Centers
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Business Reengineering
  • Data Capture
  • Document Scanning & Imaging
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Document Storage & Retrieval
  • Document Processing
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Off-site & On-site Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • LTL Freight Processing Services

Whether your agency works within family services, social and human services, finance, or even other more administrative agencies, it’s vital to optimize operation of your contact centers. Taking unnecessary risks can frustrate constituents and even potentially expose your agency to class-action lawsuits that ultimately cost the taxpayers even more money. Instead, work with DATAMARK’s Onsite Management experts and enjoy consistent, reliable protection from compliance failures, resource waste, and overspending.

Government agencies who work with DATAMARK are consistently rated higher for caller satisfaction, efficiency, and service. Join these elite ranks by calling us now at 800.477.1944.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Contact Centers

A Trusted Partner

DATAMARK has over 25 years experience in business process services and know what governments need for their contact centers.

Worldwide Presence & Bilingual Options

DATAMARK's worldwide presence makes time and language less of a barrier for our government business partners.

Brand Image Maintenance

DATAMARK knows that maintaining seamless image is important to the security and integrity of government agencies. We promise that all agents we hire will maintain the face of your organization and provide government-level customer service.

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