One of the best ways for government municipalities to gain access to the latest technology and cutting edge processes is through outsourcing.

Outsourcing allows municipalities to leverage the knowledge and investments a consulting partner has without the wasted time and capital. Instead of experimenting with what might work, municipalities can cut to the chase and implement a proven solution while saving taxpayer dollars. There is a significant capital investment in outsourcing, and it can be minuscule compared to investing the necessary hardware, software and personnel resources to bring these type of solutions in-house.

DATAMARK has over 20 years of outsourcing experience with government agencies. We understand the complexities and challenges that affect municipalities and how to work with them. When most people hear about outsourcing, they typically think about jobs being shipped off shore. The fact is, outsourcing can be as individual as each client. Here are a few of the most effective ways DATAMARK consults with government agencies as it relates to call center outsourcing.

Business Reengineering

One of the best ways for DATAMARK to engage with government agencies is through outsourcing ideas and processes. Resources and infrastructure are usually not the roadblocks most governments face. Being agile and innovative with ideas and process is what can allow a municipality to engage with their community. Having an easy to navigate website with multiple communication channels is the first step towards increasing resident participation. It is important that residents are engaged with their municipality so that more issues are reported, those issues can be prioritized, and resolutions can be completed in less time. Customer satisfaction is not only important for business owners, but government agencies as well. The more satisfied the residents, the better consumers they will be for the municipalities services.

Back Office Automation

Once resident engagement increases and municipalities have collected more data, what do you do with it? DATAMARK has advanced technologies in both electronic data collection, voice recognition, and data storage and retrieval. This is significant in order to be able to maintain a searchable database, allowing this critical data to be utilized by third party platforms. A CRM, ERP, and BI software platforms can help governments prioritize, plan and budget in order to spend tax dollars efficiently.

Contact Center Consulting

Again, process improvement and technology are the biggest gains a government agency can take away from a consulting engagement. Leveraging innovative contact center processes and training existing resources is where the greatest value can be achieved. Adopting new technology platforms that make connecting with your municipality both easy and satisfying. Outsourcing resources to offshore facilities may not be an option no matter how much capital it may save. Investing training and time in the people in the local community are the best tax dollars spent through outsourcing.

Find Out How DATAMARK Consults with Government Agencies With Call Center Outsourcing

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