The need for call centers is only growing regardless of industry.

As government agencies expand their reach, call centers become an integral hub of communication to residents. There are multiple ways in which a government agency can utilize a call center. DATAMARK has been the industry trailblazer in call center consulting for government agencies for more than 20 years. Contact center management is just one piece of a larger strategy. DATAMARK can help government agencies adopt a common set of technologies so that information can be disseminated city or community wide. This not only improves visibility but leads to faster communication back to a city’s residents.

Business Reengineering Services

Some municipalities choose to go through a comprehensive business reengineering process for their agencies. The latest processes can be combined with the latest technology to drive better results for a city’s residents, all with greater efficiency. Call center consulting is a big part of the business reengineering process as it allows agencies to focus on other tasks and processes as opposed to the complexities often involved with managing contact centers.

Back Office Automation

Another key component in improving efficiencies within a government agency or entity is back office automation. This process helps to automate repetitive tasks, which leads to a reduction in errors and can provide more reliable data. Call centers rely on this data to serve a community’s residents. While automation can eliminate some positions, DATAMARK has a track record of redistributing resources so they may accept greater challenges. Back office automation makes several other functions possible including digital data capture, automated voice recognition, and digital data storage/retrieval.

Importance of Call Center Reengineering

Call center reengineering is another major consideration that should be explored by government agencies. DATAMARK is at the forefront of the latest call center technology. We understand what platforms work best with government agencies and why. We can give better advice because we have thousands of resources currently out in the field testing and improving upon these new software platforms. We only recommend what we know works today so that we can ensure your success tomorrow.

Today’s residents are communicating in many different ways. Encouraging citizens to report issues by voice, text, and social media allows for greater community engagement. Contact center resources can be re-trained on how to work with all of these new forms of communication. Instead of solely relying on voice for data capture, resources may monitor email, text, social media and even video to report issues. All of these methods of communication are great ways to communicate back to residents and broadcast success and resolutions.

How can government agencies know if they are improving upon an old process? DATAMARK is able to accurately measure performance in all sorts of different ways. From the requirements phase of consulting, performance indicators are measured and then compared to the new process. Years of experience allow us to accurately measure ROI. This allows your administrators to report back on the savings to the community. Residents can then understand the precise value they are receiving for their tax dollars.

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