Government agencies often require additional considerations when it comes to business engineering consulting. Many agencies can be run as separate business units. They have their own accounting, billing, issue tracking, and resolution signaling systems. On the other hand, residents in the community see the municipality as one entity. With this expectation, several challenges can arise. Residents expect clear and direct communication between various agencies. For example, why is a freshly paved road dug up a few months later for a fresh water pipe installation? Or if there is a downed utility pole, why doesn't the cable company coordinate repairs with the electric company?

Running as separate business units, maintenance and repairs may not be coordinated between various agencies. Business engineering consulting can bring an abundance of searchable and reliable data to government agencies. This allows these departments to anticipate and plan for maintenance and repairs rather than reacting to emergency issues.

For example, a gas main may need to be replaced. The nearby underground fiber optic line may need to be also installed. With issue tracking and multiple data points, a municipality can coordinate the installation of both projects to reduce the amount of traffic disruption. Then schedule a repaving project after the maintenance and installation are complete. This level of planning and coordination can only be accomplished if the municipality has sufficient data on which to base these decisions.

DATAMARK can bring together various government agencies and consult on the best technology and processes so that they can all work together. Business engineering for government agencies ultimately saves time and resources. DATAMARK can help government entities determine ROI based on improved efficiencies.

Here are just a few ways DATAMARK provides business engineering consulting for government agencies.

Process Consulting

DATAMARK can bring together key stakeholders from the separate agencies and redesign the issue tracking process. With common ground for tracking issues, municipalities can begin to compile data. This allows different agencies to communicate together and automatically update a centralized database. This allows visibility across all agencies for both short term signaling so that a citizen can be alerted when a project or issue is resolved, as well as information sharing for long term planning and budgeting.

Back Office Automation

Utilizing the latest technology and platforms in back office automation, data collection, content management, and data storage/retrieval can all be automated thanks to technology available from DATAMARK. This information can feed into the municipality CRM, and also feed into an ERP tool so agencies can better budget and plan. This data can also provide the back end for any frontline facing user interfaces such as the city website or mobile app, as well as have the ability to collect data from text, email, and social media outlets. This versatility gives residents more choices on how to submit emergency issues.

Contact Center Management

DATAMARK can implement an insourcing strategy for contact center resources. This way, existing city workers can be trained on new technology and processes while keeping these jobs within the community.

Find Out More About How DATAMARK Engages In Business Engineering Consulting For Government Agencies

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