In many cities around the country, 311 service is expanding to include more departments and provide its residents with more choices. Municipalities depend on its citizens to report issues. The more accurate a report from a citizen can be, the faster the issue can be resolved. The faster the issue can be resolved, the more favorable citizens will look upon their city government. So, it is important to be able to provide many different ways in which city residents can help to make their community better.

DATAMARK Brings Decades of Experience as a City 311 Service Provider Company

DATAMARK is a city 311 service provider company that brings decades of experience to municipalities. Our company’s experience in delivering contact center and back office solutions to cities and municipalities has been instrumental in empowering residents to help improve their communities.

More and more cities are adopting Open311, an open source set of 311 standards. This set of standards is an ideal starting point for 311 service provider companies to architect a complete solution to their unique needs. This framework allows DATAMARK to integrate more city services into its 311 solution. Departments that were once isolated from other city services can be brought forward and be completely integrated with eachother. This allows these departments to contribute to the safety and confidence of the local population. Departments that were once all but forgotten, now share equal effectiveness as far as serving the community.

DATAMARK is Focused on Innovation to Boost Use of 311 Services

Under the Open311 protocol, DATAMARK has been successful in providing innovative uses for a municipality's service. One of the core competencies that DATAMARK brings to cities is the functionality of the back office. This is a portfolio of automated services that save time and resources for a city. For example, a city can utilize DATAMARK's digital mailroom solution. This will provide an effective way for a 311 system to collect the various ways issues are reported. Emails, reports via the city's website, text messages, or social media, can all live in one open system. Our back office capabilities easily lend themselves to smartphone apps as well. These applications can provide a rich experience for a city's residents and makes it easy to report on all types of non-emergency issues.

Power of a City 311 Service Provider Company Lies in the Data That is Collected

This process can create a large database of big data. That database is indexed and searchable. Instead of just reacting to problems and issues, DATAMARK can help municipalities plan on maintenance before a disaster erupts. This big data is now an asset that can be leveraged across all city services. Having a large database of issues is only valuable if cities have a process in place that allows them to act on that information. DATAMARK provides both the technology and the processes so cities can utilize much more of their tax dollar investment.

DATAMARK is a 311 service provider company who continues to bring more and more value to communities. What began as a call center function has come forward to be a planning tool for municipalities. Instead of reacting to problems, cities can leverage the vast amounts of data it collects each day and plan ahead.

Learn More About 311 Service Provider Companies Today

Learn more about how DATAMARK helps cities best utilize their 311 service provider company today. Connect with a 311 service provider expert and let us understand your city services processes and landscape. Call us at 800.477.1944 and speak with a solution architect directly or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to working with you very soon.


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Why DATAMARK for Government 311 Contact Centers

A Trusted Partner

DATAMARK has been a trusted business services partner to Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises and government agencies since 1989.

Nearly 30 years of business service experience

City government shouldn’t be in the business of operating contact centers. Let DATAMARK handle your 311 program so you can focus on the long-term, strategic management of city government.

Cost savings for 311 Programs

Today’s economic reality means cities face ever-tightening budgets and the need to ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent wisely. Outsourcing 311 to an experienced contact center service like DATAMARK can help your community control costs while ensuring top-performing service to your citizens.

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