There are many challenges that face today’s 311 public utility services. 311 services began more than 20 years ago as a call center service to mimic the capabilities of a 911 service for non-emergencies. As the cost to administer 311 call centers has risen, many municipalities are looking to outsource these services to a 311 public utility service provider.

311 Public Utility Services Require Constant Improvements

As cities improve departments and utilities, the support infrastructure also needs to be updated to keep pace with the times. DATAMARK has 2 decades of experience working as an outsourced 311 public utility service provider. We have the experience and the expertise to manage a city utilities contact center or develop a business process engineering scope of work to architect an entirely new process from the ground up. This allows key stakeholders within the city government to have input at the beginning of the requirements gathering process to be sure that their departments and utilities are best serving the residents.

Advantages of Partnering With a 311 Public Utility Service Provider

One of the biggest advantages for city utilities to partner with DATAMARK is to bring enhanced services to its residents. While utilities still have the need for 311 contact centers, there is not the need for a wider communications strategy so that the city can better manage costs.

Each 311 utility call can cost upwards of $4.50. And this is assuming the issue can be resolved with one call. As issues may require the cooperation of one or more city or government departments, the resolution of a resident's complaint may take several phone calls over several days to get updates and reporting.

When residents have the option to choose self-service via the city website, email, text message or social media, DATAMARK can help develop an entirely automated back office. This automated back office not only handles the resident's complaint, it can integrate with the city's CRM, integrate with other utilities and their ERP tools and automatically update residents according to any built in rules governing communication. The system can also be architected in a way to allow for future expansion of new services and capabilities can be anticipated. This saves time and resources on the behalf of the city and the utilities. It also reassures the resident that their issue is being managed efficiently.

New Forms of Communications Offering Significant Benefits to 311 Providers

The ability of a resident to self-select 311 services is a huge leap for many municipalities. Not only are these new forms of communication the preferred method for many members of the community, it also tackles other social issues such as adaptability to many different languages. In addition, it can also address accessibility issues for residents with special needs. DATAMARK can literally give a wider portion of the population a voice in caring for their community.

Find out more about how DATAMARK works as an outsourced 311 public utility service provider inside communities all over the United States. By updating a city's IT infrastructure with new software and business process, DATAMARK can give more of a city's population a say in the reporting and maintenance of their community. Connect with a 311 solution architect today by calling 800.477.1944 and one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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DATAMARK has been a trusted business services partner to Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises and government agencies since 1989.

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City government shouldn’t be in the business of operating contact centers. Let DATAMARK handle your 311 program so you can focus on the long-term, strategic management of city government.

Cost savings for 311 Programs

Today’s economic reality means cities face ever-tightening budgets and the need to ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent wisely. Outsourcing 311 to an experienced contact center service like DATAMARK can help your community control costs while ensuring top-performing service to your citizens.

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