Outsourced 311 call center services, within city facilities

Cities of all sizes have embraced 311 non-emergency hotline programs because of the high value they deliver, including improved service for citizens, efficient use of departmental resources, and the collection of valuable data for analysis.

However, growing 311 programs can strain tight city budgets. One way to reduce 311 costs is to turn over management of the 311 call center to DATAMARK, an experienced service provider. Outsourcing doesn’t mean city managers must relinquish oversight and control of the 311 program by moving it off-site or out of the city.

A practical solution is “on-site management”: turning over the day-to-day operation and management of 311 to DATAMARK, but keeping the 311 contact center within your city facilities.

A DATAMARK 311 call center on-site management solution will ensure local hiring and training of agents. 311 agents won’t be outsiders. They will be residents familiar with your city—the best people trained to serve your citizens. Keeping the 311 call center on-site also ensures city management will have excellent oversight and control of the 311 program to ensure outstanding service to citizens.

DATAMARK will deliver a custom 311 call center on-site management solution for your city

  • On-site or off-site contact center operation and management
  • Hiring, training and onboarding of 311 agents
  • Multichannel 311 service: voice, email, social media, chat, mobile app
  • Service in English, Spanish and other languages
  • We can use your contact center technology and CRM platforms or integrate our own.
  • Our contact center technology partners include Cisco, Avaya and Vocalcom

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Why DATAMARK for Government 311 Contact Centers

A Trusted Partner

DATAMARK has been a trusted business services partner to Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises and government agencies since 1989.

Nearly 30 years of business service experience

City government shouldn’t be in the business of operating contact centers. Let DATAMARK handle your 311 program so you can focus on the long-term, strategic management of city government.

Cost savings for 311 Programs

Today’s economic reality means cities face ever-tightening budgets and the need to ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent wisely. Outsourcing 311 to an experienced contact center service like DATAMARK can help your community control costs while ensuring top-performing service to your citizens.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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