Making financial transactions simpler one document at a time

For every customer that utilizes a banking or financial institution, there are hundreds of forms that come into accurately represent them over their years of patronage. Often it is necessary to process these forms quickly to provide them with the best customer service. But processing financial forms quickly with outdated methods is prone to errors and can lead to big problems. Organizational methods are needed, and DATAMARK can provide those organizational solutions for financial and banking companies.

DATAMARK utilizes high-volume scanners equipped with OCR technology to process thousands of documents daily -- or up to 250 documents per minute. OCR negates human error and improves the efficiency of your document processes, allowing data to get where it needs to be fast. Our OCR-equipped scanners have nearly 100% accuracy and help you with financial compliance.

DATAMARK evaluates your company's goals, existing practices, and technological capabilities to seamlessly integrate our data processing solutions.

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Why DATAMARK for Financial and Banking Document Processing

Over Two Decades of Experience

When you let DATAMARK handle your documents, you can expect quality. Our nearly thirty years in document processing is proof of that.

Cost Savings

Letting DATAMARK automate your document processing solutions saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on the people that you serve.

Business Continuity

Our globally-located processing centers allow your company to practice business continuity, overcoming barriers like time zones and languages so that you can better address the needs of your customers.

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