Securing financial information through our advanced data capture technology

Banking and financial institutions can face costly consequences if their data is not handled correctly. Not only can it cost them insight as to how to improve their company, but it can also cost them in legal fees if sensitive information is mishandled, misused, or lost. Without the right kind of technology, compliance and proper handling can be hard to achieve. But, DATAMARK has been in the data capture industry for nearly thirty years, providing Fortune 500, government, and financial entities with superior data capture technologies.

Different businesses have different requirements, and often businesses use unstructured and semi-structured forms to handle metadata. Manual keying services are required for this, but they have a higher potential for error than DATAMARK's automated data capture. Our high-capacity machines make it easy to recognize data, and our capabilities extend to helping you implement this change in the way you handle data.

In many cases, DATAMARK can improve data capture speed while lowering labor costs with their data capture solutions. For those looking to improve their business processing capabilities, DATAMARK offers personalized solutions.

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Why DATAMARK for Financial and Banking Data Capture

A Trusted Partner

Since 1989, DATAMARK has been working with large enterprises to coordinate solutions for their service. Throughout those nearly thirty years, security has remained a driver for the way they operate with their clients.

Process Improvement

DATAMARK securely uses data gained from data capture to help financial and banking institutions improve the way they manage their received data.

Respectable Technology Partners

DATAMARK works with the most advanced technology companies in the world, like Cisco and Kodak, to provide high-functioning and secure technology for operational needs.

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