Customizing energy and utility storage solutions

Energy and utility providers get a lot completed in a small amount of space, however, the most important part of their business is the service they provide. DATAMARK partners with companies to make sure that their time and resources are well spent on their core business. We free up facility space for companies, allowing them to save time and money. Using advanced automation technology, we digitize and make documents more easily accessible so that companies can run their businesses better.

DATAMARK provides services for both digitized and hard copy document storage retrieval. We know that for many reasons digital storage might not be the right answer and that hard-copy storage is still a critical tool for keeping information secure. For hard-copy documents, we provide barcode tracking systems that allow employees to find the documents they need in half the time. Our facilities are equipped with ample room to store your important documents, saving your company facility space while still maintaining hard-copy document storage. When these documents are no longer needed, DATAMARK works with your company to dispose of them in a way that meets your compliance needs as well as your company values.

Document imaging is where hard copy and digital storage meet to provide the best servicing options. Our document imaging services allow metadata from invoices and other documents to become immediately searchable. This allows energy and utility companies to enhance the service that they are already providing for their customers.

DATAMARK is committed to providing not only quick servicing but also secure storage of documents for all energy and utility providers.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy and Utilities Document Storage and Retrieval

Improved Invoice & Document Retrieval

Invoices are one of the most important documents that energy and utility providers process. For easier and more efficient billing and customer service, DATAMARK provides improved document scanning and imaging services designed to help your company succeed.

Safe and Secure Document Storage

Outsourcing document storage and retrieval does not mean a lack of quality. All our storage facilities -- both hard-copy and digital centers -- are compliant and provide energy and utility companies with heightened security.

Reduced Labor Costs

Automated processes reduce the overall financial burden by allowing you to save on facility space, training, and  avoid data breaches.

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