Document scanning & imaging has become much more accessible in recent years. Most offices have multifunction printers with all types of scanning capabilities. This can work when a company has a few hundred documents to scan. Energy & utility companies typically have thousands of documents to scan and receive thousands more every day. DATAMARK has the outsourcing capability to handle large volumes of documents.

Energy & utility companies have several reasons why they choose to outsource document scanning & imaging. While there are some risks to outsourcing, these are very small as compared to the time and cost savings. Here are five reasons energy & utility companies choose DATAMARK for document scanning & imaging outsourcing.

Qualified And Well Trained Resources

While scanning & imaging is a relatively simple and repetitive task, training needs to be administered to ensure the process is completed correctly. Training on scanning technique so that quality remains high over time is key. Otherwise, documents can become compromised and unreadable by various hardware and software interfaces. Also, training on the process so that documents are not misplaced either physically or electronically is important. Resources are trained to follow a specific process that fits into the energy & utility's content management process. Scanning can take place either on-site or off-site depending on the specific needs of the outsourced project.

Electronic Capture Software

DATAMARK has made significant advances in its electronic capture software. This allows imaging hardware to recognize various types of documents with complicated structures. Using these software advancements allows for much quicker processing times. In many cases, this can reduce the processing time from days to hours comparing manual paper process to an electronically scanned process. Documents can then be indexed and organized for accurate data storage.

Enterprise Content Management Solution

Back office automation is another compelling reason why many energy & utility companies choose to partner with DATAMARK. Our electronic capture software is designed to work seamlessly with our enterprise content management solution. This gives you an entirely indexed and searchable database of all of your scanned documents. With well-trained resources, this process has a very low incident of errors leaving you with reliable data. In many cases, this can be an entirely automated process leaving less overhead and offering a uch quicker ROI than other competing solutions from other providers.

Logistics For Storing Paper Documents

Once documents are scanned, many energy & utility companies choose to store the originals rather than destroy them. This provides another outsourcing opportunity. DATAMARK provides onshore, near-shore or offshore secure storage facilities for all of these scanned documents. Document Scanning & Imaging Is part of an outsourced accounting business unit that many energy & utility companies choose to outsource to boost efficiencies within their organizations. DATAMARK provides both billing and accounts receivable outsourcing as well. Document scanning & imaging is a matched solution to outsourced accounting. DATAMARK has the experience and investment in technology to support both of these outsourced projects.

See Why DATAMARK Is The Leader In Document Scanning & Imaging Outsourcing For Energy & Utility Companies

Connect with an energy & utility outsourcing expert. Learn more about DATAMARK’s advancements in document scanning & imaging technology. See how utility & energy companies leverage outsourcing to build out their enterprise content management systems and in turn generate more profits for their stakeholders. Call us at 800.477.1944 and speak with a live representative or fill out the contact form below.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy & Utilities Document Scanning & Imaging

Financial Forecasting Ability

Better access to energy and utility customer data allows your company to learn from its financial trends.

Cost Savings for Energy & Utility Businesses

Proper imaging and scanning processes allow businesses to become more efficient and better able to serve their customers, which increases overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with leaders in technology, like Kodak and Cisco, to bring you the latest and most secure imaging and scanning technologies.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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