Many energy & utility companies are actually departments within municipalities. Being a business unit for the people can be very different than being a publicly traded company. Where profiting the community is valued over profit for the quarter. Meaning, the local people are more important than slashing costs.

What if a municipality could have both? What if an energy & utility company could reduce costs while utilizing existing resources residing in the community? DATAMARK is the worldwide leader in document scanning & imaging insourcing for energy & utility companies. We help energy & utility companies engineer a document scanning and imaging process to fit their business needs. Instead of outsourcing this process to resources at one of our offshore secure facilities, DATAMARK has helped countless companies insource these tasks utilizing existing resources. We provide the consulting services to develop a new process, train your energy & utility company employees on the new process, and deploy the advanced hardware to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Let's take a look at each one of these phases of an insourcing engagement.

Develop A New Business Process Leveraging Insourcing

One of the core competencies of our consulting services is business process engineering. Document scanning and imaging may seem like an easy enough process. When you begin to talk about large volumes of documents that need to be organized, there become several points of failure where documents can become meaningless or lost. Either way, if you multiply this by large numbers of items, you have a huge waste of time and resources. DATAMARK has the expertise to help develop a scanning and imaging process that makes the most sense to quickly and accurately retrieve any electronic document. All of your data can, therefore, be indexed, searchable, and free from errors, and your current workforce can perform these tasks in your facilities.

Deploy The Latest And Greatest Technology

Another huge advantage when consulting with DATAMARK is to have access to the latest and greatest scanning & imaging technology available. Not only are there advances in hardware, there are also huge advances in software, too. DATAMARK can recommend hardware that will speed up the process and allow you to process more documents per minute. This software also makes it possible to utilize many modern Multi Format Printers to do many of these tasks with your existing resources. Once a document is physically scanned, there can be an automated process to file the document in the right place so that the proper workflow can be triggered in the process with very little human intervention.

Provide Training to Your Insourced Energy & Utility Employees

In order for the process and new technology to truly stick, DATAMARK facilitates training for your existing employees to complete the insourcing onboarding. While DATAMARK has years of experience bringing new processes forward within energy & utility companies, there are always new challenges. We help organizations navigate these complex issues and give your employees the support they need for everyone to be successful.

Connect with a DATAMARK energy & utility consultant today and learn more about scanning & image processing. See how insourcing can both increase efficiency while placing value on your community's most precious resource, its people.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy & Utilities Document Scanning & Imaging

Financial Forecasting Ability

Better access to energy and utility customer data allows your company to learn from its financial trends.

Cost Savings for Energy & Utility Businesses

Proper imaging and scanning processes allow businesses to become more efficient and better able to serve their customers, which increases overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with leaders in technology, like Kodak and Cisco, to bring you the latest and most secure imaging and scanning technologies.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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