Energy & Utility companies may have large amounts of paper documents that are in need of being converted to their Electronic Document Management System. Years of paper records may need to be scanned and entered into a database. DATAMARK has years of experience consulting with energy & utility companies to solve somewhat complex problems. We understand the barriers and limitations when moving to a new process and new technology. We have seen firsthand the struggles that when overcome have produced outstanding results for these organizations. Where DATAMARK delivers unsurpassed value is when we are able to identify the problem and provide a clear resolution.

Here are a few ways in which DATAMARK engages in document scanning & imaging consulting for energy & utility companies. We understand that no two municipalities are the same. Where DATAMARK can lend its expertise is in the countless energy & utility document scanning & imaging engagements where we have seen successful results.

Project Scope

The first step is understanding the complexity of the imaging and scanning project. Understanding where the records are currently being stored, how many records are at each location, and how many total records need to be scanned can take some discovery. Trying to determine if this is part of an ongoing scanning project and the parameters of that project is vital. There are many details that need to be understood so that DATAMARK can provide the best solution. These details affect how the documents will be handled and how they will eventually be entered into the electronic document management system.

Document Preparation

Once the documents are identified, then they must be prepared for imaging. DATAMARK has access to some of the most advanced electronic data collection technology available today. Each set of records can be bar coded for faster identification. This will make the indexing process smoother and more efficient. While the hardware has tremendous capacity, it can only run as fast as documents can be loaded, which is why document preparation is so important. Boxes can further be identified by location if necessary.

Scanning and Indexing Software

In some cases, today's multi function printers have adequate scanning capabilities to handle everyday or small aspects of a project. At the same time, there have been great advances in DATAMARK’s scanning software. We can clarify, rotate, resize images and much more. Back office automation can take it from there and store the documents according to your predetermined process. Our digital mailroom automation reduces the incidents of error and can follow any regulatory and/or compliance protocol necessary. This way, documents can easily be retrieved, which provides complete transparency across the entire document scanning & imaging project. And the new data becomes a seamless part of your entire electronic document management system.

Learn More About How DATAMARK Engages In Document Scanning & Imaging Consulting For Energy & Utility Companies

See how we bring the latest technology and processes to energy & utility companies related to document scanning & imaging. Connect with one of our document scanning & imaging consultants today who specializes in working with energy & utility organizations. You’ll be amazed at our track record of successful results in this industry. Call us at 800.477.1944 or fill out the contact form below.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy & Utilities Document Scanning & Imaging

Financial Forecasting Ability

Better access to energy and utility customer data allows your company to learn from its financial trends.

Cost Savings for Energy & Utility Businesses

Proper imaging and scanning processes allow businesses to become more efficient and better able to serve their customers, which increases overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with leaders in technology, like Kodak and Cisco, to bring you the latest and most secure imaging and scanning technologies.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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