Maximizing the efficiency of energy and utility processes with high-efficiency energy and utility documents

The need for high-volume document processing has become a norm for most large companies globally. With bill processing, performance-based documents, and documents containing client information, it has become crucial to any industry based in the customer service sector to adapt to the high demand of today. This goes without exception for energy and utility providers, who must work quickly and efficiently to process the thousands of documents that they receive daily.

DATAMARK is fully equipped to process high numbers of documents with their high-volume platform scanners in any of their globally-located sites.

DATAMARK uses barcode document tracking systems to track documents at every point in the scanning and imaging process. From pickup, to transport, to storage, DATAMARK allows clients to monitor the progress of their projects, as well as track location of documents at any given time.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy and Utilities Document Scanning and Imaging

Financial Forecasting Ability

Better access to energy and utility customer data allows your company to learn from its financial trends.

Cost Savings for Energy & Utility Businesses

Proper imaging and scanning processes allow businesses to become more efficient and better able to serve their customers, which increases overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with leaders in technology, like Kodak and Cisco, to bring you the latest and most secure imaging and scanning technologies.

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