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Energy and utility forms are unique -- for most companies, there is complexity in how these forms are set up. Bills, surveys, and other tools made to better customer service have the opportunity to be easily and quickly processed for improved turn-around time. This makes energy and utility documents prime candidates for automated document processing services, like the ones offered at DATAMARK.

DATAMARK's high-volume, advanced scanners, and indexing technologies use optical character recognition to quickly and accurately process the metadata that comes through the high volumes of customer forms received by energy and utility companies.

DATAMARK also understands that companies still utilize semi-structured and unstructured forms. As more and more companies tackle the onslaught of big data, however, DATAMARK is driven to help our customers find structured form solutions that will keep them ahead in their industry. Not only will this provide them with a competitive advantage, allowing their company to quickly process and utilize the data that comes through in these forms, but it also saves money when companies switch to automated business processes.

Regardless of whether your company is already using structured forms to process their documents or whether they are hoping to maximize their efficiency, DATAMARK can provide document processing solutions that are right for energy and utility companies.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy and Utilities Document Processing

Process Improvement

It is common for businesses to fall behind when it comes to their document processing -- even though it is a critical part of running a business. DATAMARK's document processing capabilities improve upon legacy processes and allow companies to run as efficiently as possible.

Business Continuity

DATAMARK works with businesses to grow their capabilities. We work with companies as partners, improving on processes already in place and also work on bringing a business continuity plan (BCP) in order to provide uninterrupted service at all times.

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