Data capture technologies power energy and utility companies processes

Outsourcing data capture with DATAMARK means more than just better management of data. Energy and utility companies process thousands of documents daily -- from bills to service letters -- and therefore have a lot of data to process daily. Our advanced technology, which includes OCR and more, allows data to be processed with accuracy and subsequently filed so that it is easily accessible. This saves document storage space, time management, and overall cost.

Each DATAMARK operation, whether offshore or nearshore, works closely with energy and utility companies to ensure transparency, reproducibility, and a plan that works with your needs. We work with you to decide what data is necessary to be collected, and securely store data for your future use. DATAMARK never compromises on quality and upholds brand integrity with its data capture services.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy and Utilities Data Capture


DATAMARK’s data capture services are extremely accurate, reducing errors and providing better service to customers.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

DATAMARK’s quick and efficient data capture processes allow companies to view trends in their performance. DATAMARK helps companies understand what the data means and continuously seeks improvement with the use of that data collected.

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