Utilities have relied on several disparate legacy systems to manage various functions for many years. A siloed approach to running the organization made sense as for most businesses.

As municipalities have increased in size and complexity, the demand for Contact centers has grown. What changed was the consolidation of many utilities into larger organizations. Utilizing a billing system from one organization and a CRM from another suddenly became more complex than the original problem administrators were trying to solve.

DATAMARK has been the Contact center re-engineering provider for energy and utilities for more than two decades. Instead of trying to cobble various pieces of software together, DATAMARK begins with the key stakeholders of the utility and helps to build a solution from the ground up. Here are three areas where DATAMARK consults with energy & utility companies to create new processes that help to provide a higher level of service to the end customer, while improving profitability at the same time.

Collection of Requirements

Gathering the key stakeholders together at the beginning of this process is critical. As DATAMARK begins to understand the current processes, these stakeholders can give a much more accurate picture of how the business works today. Differences of opinion and contrasting perspectives are helpful to drive towards a common goal. It is important that no detail is left out during this requirement gathering so that each distinct voice can be heard and represented. Once today's process is fully understood, DATAMARK can begin to combine experiences from key stakeholders and what works with other energy & utilities today and create a new solution.

Technology Assessment

Holding on to legacy systems is the number one point of failure of any new process. DATAMARK has a deep understanding of the technology sets available today. We can make recommendations that will fit with a utilities new processes as well as their physical environment. With an eye towards integration and scale, DATAMARK picks out specific platforms and allows them to work together. One of the biggest advantages of working with DATAMARK is our back office automation solutions. These platforms are designed to work together to improve efficiencies and scale at your pace.

Action Strategy

After the technology is put into place, the key stakeholders are once again gathered for implementation. Each role understands the actions they are responsible for in this new process. Training is administered either directly or with the guidance of DATAMARK. Either way, the key stakeholders in the utility have the support of years of energy & utility Contact center implementations behind them. DATAMARK’s primary focus is on the success of the key stakeholders. If these administrators can be successful, then the Contact center resources will be successful as well.

See How DATAMARK Consults with Energy & Utility Companies on Contact Center consulting

Learn more about how DATAMARK engages with energy and utilities to create a better experience for the people they serve in their communities. Connect with a Contact Center consulting expert who has worked with government organizations, energy collectives, and utilities to drive efficiencies for the communities they serve. Contact us at 800.477.1944 or use the contact form below and we will connect with you as soon as possible.


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