The Energy and Utilities industry is incredibly unique. From power to telecommunications, these are the companies providing some of the most critical services to customers all across the world. That’s also why it’s so imperative that you always serve your customers with integrity, respect, efficiency, and respect.

In few other areas is this as true as within your call center. From adhering to regulations to ensuring customers have rapid assistance when they need help restoring life-maintaining services, like power, your CSRs are your front line. At DATAMARK, we use decades of industry experience to provide you with the most targeted, effective energy and utilities call center consulting services possible.

With our consulting service for energy and utilities companies, you can take customer support, collections, billing, and technical support to the next level. Let us help you find a progressive path forward into the future.

Robust, Multi-Layered Support Services

Whether you serve an American, Mexican, Canadian, or European market, DATAMARK’s representatives can help you do more, be more, and grow more. We strategically operate our headquarters right on the U.S.-Mexico border, providing instant access to world-class tech support at a far more affordable rate. Services are available in Spanish and English, with options for other languages available upon request.

DATAMARK’s call centers also extend support options for customers. Our proprietary cloud-based call center technology lets us deliver multichannel support over the phone, via e-mail, through web tickets, and even through instant chat. Let customers reach out how they feel most comfortable; we’ll take it from there.

For energy and utilities companies who prefer to keep call center services in-house, we have options. Our experts will work with your in-house service representatives, supervisors, and operations managers to optimize business processes and policies to best serve your needs. Working with DATAMARK’s consulting experts ensures you start providing service or improve your existing service the right way, letting you flourish and achieve the same level of excellence our brand is known for. Become an industry leader in customer support with our help.

Energy And Utilities Technical Support

Technical support is a crucial element of every modern business, especially when products and services involve or interface with technology. Even the wisest users and customers occasionally run into problems – confusion about features, technical breakdowns, or even user error leading to service and product failures. When this happens, tech support call centers step in to provide guidance and potentially, even correct the problem in as little as a single call.

At DATAMARK, we know the true value of having an energy and utilities call center on your side. Giving your customers and clients an interface point is just as much about fixing the problem as it is about creating the ideal customer experience. By providing technical support for your brand, you instantly set the standard for better customer service and loyalty long into the future.

Benefits of Call Center Consulting for Energy and Utility Companies

Partnering with DATAMARK isn’t just about being a better utilities provider, either; outsourcing your technical support services to us saves you money. Our service centers use meticulously-optimized processes to deliver call center services for far less with a significantly higher overall quality. Our representatives are as much subject matter experts as they are customer service providers, ensuring your customers have their most pressing problems resolved faster with less downtime.

Sales and Order Support

Every day, countless people move, buy new homes, sell homes, shift business locations, and travel around the country for work and play. This leaves energy and utilities companies in the precarious position of having to juggle disconnects, reconnects, and temporary suspensions – or even new service orders – as quickly and efficiently as they can.

Our cloud-based computer technology improves your sales and order support processes by allowing for live hand-offs to sales team members and effortless ticket tracking from start to finish. Set sales appointments, reach out to existing customers with warm sales offers, or generate leads from virtually anywhere. Sales representatives always have access to the information they need without risking customer privacy or data along the way.

Billing and Payment Support

Energy and utility bills can be confusing, especially to the average layperson who isn’t familiar with rates and services. When customers receive a bill they don’t understand, or have trouble making a payment, it’s critical they get help fast to prevent any misunderstandings. Delayed responses, unavailability of assistance, and confusing answers only serve to muddy the process and upset your clients.

The better option? Let DATAMARK get to know you and your billing. From optimizing explanations to teaching your customer service representatives how to explain confusing bills in a way that makes sense, we simplify billing and payment support. We can also help you find better ways to adhere to customer privacy laws, state and federal regulations, and even data security needs without jeopardizing support options.

Effective, Respectful Collections Options

Collecting on late bills within the energy and utilities industry can be very difficult. Losing services can make life extremely challenging for customers and utility companies alike. Often, it is in everyone’s best interest to find ways to seek payment that maintain customer loyalty while ensuring past due amounts are satisfied.

DATAMARK excels in creating workflows that respect everyone involved – your business, the customer, and any third-party organizations in the middle. Our methods are legal, respectful of customer dignity, and crucially, effective at resolving the issue even before suspension occurs.

Our consulting experts can help you find and install our world-class outbound predictive dialing solutions. Automated systems reach out to customers with past-due amounts easier and more reliably, giving them more time to reach out or speak with a representative before bills escalate to the point of no return. Representatives increase call volume and call productivity when clients do reach out, maximizing recovered revenue without wasting time on fruitless leads.

Most importantly, DATAMARK’s consultants are trained to work within all Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We will never give you advice that puts you in a questionable legal position – full stop.

For more information on our Energy and Utilities Call Center Consulting services, feel free to give us a call today.

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Why DATAMARK for Energy & Utilities Call Centers

Brand Image Maintenance

All DATAMARK contact center employees are trained to work in an environment conducive to accurate brand image portrayal, providing a seamless customer experience.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining quality during all customer interactions through our multi-channel contact methods is a high priority for DATAMARK. Quality and continuous improvement are what we excel in.

Worldwide Presence & Bilingual Options

Our global centers negate time difference and increase your customer servicing base with our bilingual agents, allowing for around-the-clock customer service and reporting in English and Spanish.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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