Although DATAMARK, Inc. is very much a global company, its origins are to be found firmly entrenched in the United States, where it was founded in 1989. Today, in addition to the world headquarters in El Paso, Texas, DATAMARK runs two other locations within the U.S., namely San Antonio, Texas and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

El Paso, Texas

The sun city has been DATAMARK’s home city since our very foundation. This bustling multicultural city in West Texas, is home to the U.S.’s largest bilingual work force. It is a hub for several business sectors, hosting important visitors from around the US and the world. With a population of 700,000 people, El Paso is a large city but it has not reached the proportions of major global cities such as New York, where one might expect an international operation like DATAMARK to be based. It, thus, has all the benefits of a major city with a fully modern infrastructure and workforce, yet none of the potential drawbacks of a global mega city.

Our global headquarters is located Downtown, on West Mills Avenue in the heart of the city, making up the epicenter of our global network of service providers, partners, contractors, and clients.

Aside from the Head Office, we also have two fulfillment centers in other key areas of the city.

San Antonio, Texas

Just over 500 miles to the southwest of our corporate headquarters, our San Antonio office provides end-to-end inbound and outbound mailroom services to one of the world’s largest financial institutions, which is based in the Alamo City.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

DATAMARK opened an office in the Pennsylvanian capital after establishing a strong client base among various agencies and service providers of the state government. Our Harrisburg office is strategically placed in a city that is a transport hub and central point between New England, the Midwest, and the South, conveniently located near major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

DATAMARK Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional Service