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DATAMARK De Mex SA de CV Bulevar Tomas Fernández 7940, Campestre Arboledas, 32440 Cd Juárez, Chih., Mexico

Our site in Ciudad Juárez is uniquely located on the border next to El Paso Texas, which is home to our corporate offices, just a short 20 minute drive away. The city is a Mexican cultural hub filled with museums, parks, and churches that document the history of the city.

DATAMARK is proud to have two service facilities in Ciudad Juárez with many benefits including on site medical services, meals provided on a daily basis and even transportation.

    Employment Opportunities at our Ciudad Juárez location include:

    • Mailroom processing and data capture
    • Interpreters for Interpration services
    • Call Center Customer Service
    • Informational Technology

    Become one of the 1500+ team members we have working at our Ciudad Juárez sites today.