With our headquarters located near the border, it was a fairly natural development for our first international branch to be set up in Mexico. We now have three offices in the country, including two in Ciudad Juárez, which, at only a 20-minute drive away from our El Paso headquarters, is closer than any of our other US offices. We also have a third Mexican office, which can be found in Chihuahua, 215 miles to the south.

Ciudad Juárez is right on El Paso’s doorstep, and the proximity between our centers there and our corporate headquarters allows for close collaboration and remarkable agility and flexibility of service, that might not always be possible for more distant international branches.

We realized quite early on that Mexico would be an excellent location for some of our major operations due to its excellent supply of educated, skilled, bilingual, and highly trained professionals, living and working in an urban culture that has many surprising similarities to that of the United States. All we need to carry out our work is available to us in Mexico at a far lower price than in the domestic labor and capital markets. This means that Mexico enables us to maintain the standard of our work at a much lower cost. We are not the only American company to have begun operations in Mexico; the country is a growing hub for international data service outsourcing.

Our Mexican facilities predominantly serve our international mailroom, call center, data capture, interpretive and information processing outsourcing requirements.

The savings provided by our Mexican operations, together with their proximity to our head office, enables us to diversify our solutions to better suit our clients. For example, documents sent to our El Paso office can be quickly moved to our Ciudad Juárez facility for processing at a much lower cost, passing on the savings.

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