India is well established as a provider and outsourcing destination for a range of data-related services, including call centers, data capture, interpretation, and processing. Locating our operations in India enables us to provide round-the-clock service to clients anywhere in the world, removing any limitations that we may experience due to the fact that our U.S. and Mexico offices are in the same time zone.

We have two centers in India – one in Mumbai and one in Chennai.


Mumbai is India’s largest city and one of its main commercial and cultural centers. With 12 million citizens, it’s also one of the ten biggest cities in the world. It is home to India’s stock exchange and the reserve bank, as well as a host of major international corporations. Our 750+ employees in this exciting city provide support for some of our major clients, working in shifts throughout the day, 365 days per year.


While Mumbai is found on India’s west coast, Chennai can be found on the opposite side of the country, on the Bay of Bengal. It is the oldest incorporated city in the world aside from London, is the second-largest IT exporter in India, and also the only Indian city to be featured among the Top 10 best cities to travel in. The stunning coastal city – the fifth most populous in India – is reportedly the safest in the entire country and it is home to 800 DATAMARK employees, who offer 24-hour business continuity support for several other DATAMARK locations. Our Chennai center is among the biggest of our locations anywhere in the world.

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