Founded by Bill and Becky Holmes in El Paso, Texas, in 1989, DATAMARK Initially served a Fortune 500 overnight transportation carrier with a modest team of 26 employees’ hand-keying manifests and waybills, and courier reports. The company quickly expanded into providing full back-office services.

Since then, DATAMARK has grown to be a leading provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) and specializes in high-volume digital mailroom management, document processing, process improvement consulting, and bilingual (English/Spanish) contact center services. It is one of the largest privately-owned companies headquartered in El Paso, Texas, with services delivery centers also in San Antonio, Texas, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mexico, and India.

When clients engage with DATAMARK, they gain more than just an outsourcing partner. Our team of business process specialists evaluates and redesign clients’ processes to lower costs and improve performance.

DATAMARK employs nearly 2,800 proud staff worldwide, and we continue to grow in our clients’ service. Follow the timeline below to see how DATAMARK has grown over the years.

View DATAMARK's timeline below

  • DATAMARK Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

    2020 marks the 30th Anniversary! DATAMARK now has a global footprint with eleven sites and more than 2,500 employees.

  • DATAMARK Opens third Site in El Paso, Texas

    DATAMARK opened its 3rd operational facility in El Paso, Texas. This site supports an international shipping and logistics company and government healthcare contracts.

  • DATAMARK Moves into a New Site in San Antonio, Texas

    In 2019, DATAMARK moved from its on-site office to its own facility. This facility provides mailroom services for a U.S. based banking and insurance organization.

  • DATAMARK Opens a Site in Harisburg, Pennsylvania

    In 2019, DATAMARK opened a new facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The new high-tech facility provides enterprise-level mailroom services as well as document scanning, classification, and data capture.

  • DATAMARK Opens Second Site in Juarez, Mexico

    Continued growth of contact center services in retail, banking, transportation, and healthcare industries drives DATAMARK to launch a second location in Juarez, MX to provide operational redundancy and 40,000 square feet of state-of-the art operational space.

  • DATAMARK Expands Near-Shore Footprint to New Site in Mexico

    In order to meet the growing demand for contact center services out of Mexico, DATAMARK launches an additional operational facility in Chihuahua, MX to support a more agile growth model. With sites now in both Juarez and Chihuahua City, DATAMARK can quickly leverage the skilled labor pool of two thriving cities in Mexico in order to offer a quick hiring ramp for new projects.

  • Second India Service Delivery Center Opens

    DATAMARK opens a new facility in Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of India. The location is ideal for recruiting highly educated and experienced customer service agents as DATAMARK expands its contact center operations.

  • DATAMARK Serves Diverse Customers with Bilingual Interpretation Services

    DATAMARK leverages expertise in healthcare and customer support to extend contact center services to include interpretation for complex medical needs. Together with an industry-leading partner, DATAMARK helped establish a success model for Spanish-English interpretation that allows for quick growth and retention of a fully-trained and highly-skilled workforce.

  • DATAMARK Celebrates 25 Years in Business


  • 311 Contact Center Outsourcing

    DATAMARK is selected by the City of El Paso to manage and operate its 311 non-emergency call center. DATAMARK’s experienced contact center management team helps deliver improved efficiency and innovations to the department, which handles approximately 40,000 calls a month from citizens.

  • Joint Venture Launched

    DATAMARK announces the launch of Oveana Global Business Services, a joint venture with staffing agency Integrated Human Capital (IHC). Oveana opens its first contact center to provide services to a fuel rewards program. DATAMARK agents perform multichannel customer service functions in both English and Spanish.

  • Outsourced Contact Center Services

    DATAMARK continues to expand its outsourcing services by opening a 190 seat contact center operation in its Mexico location. DATAMARK agents serve a provider of promotional marketing services both in English and Spanish.

  • A Focus on Business Engineering

    Having grown to be much more than a BPO service provider, DATAMARK formally establishes a department of Business Engineering. The team focuses on delivering business process improvement solutions for large enterprises using process improvement methodologies, such as Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen.

  • New Corporate Headquarters

    DATAMARK becomes a part of the revitalization of Downtown El Paso, moving its corporate headquarters into the newly renovated historic Mills/Centre building complex.

  • DATAMARK Launches First On-Site Operation in San Antonio

    DATAMARK expands operations to San Antonio, Texas, in one of the largest facilities in the U.S., managing an on-site digital mailroom processing facility for a Fortune 500 insurance and financial services company.

  • DATAMARK Develops its own Document Tracking Solution

    To better serve its outsourced mailroom clients, DATAMARK develops its Document Tracking System (DTS) software, allowing clients to remotely monitor the location and progress of documents throughout the workflow, from arrival at the mailroom to storage or destruction.

  • Global Presence Expands

    Building upon its success, DATAMARK establishes a service delivery center in the city of Chennai, India, to offer additional BPO solutions for clients. With a presence in India, DATAMARK offers the benefits of off-shore outsourcing with the peace of mind of U.S.-based management and oversight. The India location allows for 24-hour service by shifting production from the Americas at the end of the day to India—a global workflow known as “Follow the Sun.” DATAMARK’s multiple global locations also offer improved redundancy and backup options for clients’ business processes.

  • Grand Opening

    DATAMARK celebrates the grand opening of its 3rd mailroom processing services facility in El Paso, Texas by holding a ribbon cutting ceremony.

  • FSA Medical Claims Expansion

    DATAMARK expands healthcare services to include FSA medical claims.

  • DATAMARK Prepares for Y2K

    DATAMARK prepares for the arrival of the new century, popularly referred to as “Y2K” by updating code, a huge network upgrade and replacement of a large number of computers.

  • Chihuahua City Service Delivery Center Opens

    As business continues to grow at a healthy pace, DATAMARK opens a processing center in Chihuahua, Mexico, which offers access to a large, well-educated labor force.

  • OCR Technology Automates Data Capture

    The company begins to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automate data capture from paper documents. Employees process 700,000 documents a day— 500,000 of them from digital images.

  • Growth Pushes Further Expansion into Mexico

    As the last decade of the 20th century comes to an end, DATAMARK’s services offerings continue to expand, with more customers wanting high-volume scanning, imaging, microfilm processing and remote remittance processing. To handle the increased volume, DATAMARK moves its nearshore production to a much larger cross-border facility in the city of Juárez, Mexico.

  • Outsourced Mailroom Services Begin

    DATAMARK finds opportunity to provide outsourced mailroom services for Fortune 500 clients. Outsourced mailroom management eventually grows to become a significant part of DATAMARK’s focus and expertise.

  • Launch of Services for the Health Insurance Industry

    DATAMARK expands into the health insurance sector by capturing data from medical claims and insurance forms for Fortune 500 health insurance providers.

  • First International Footprint

    DATAMARK opens its first BPO delivery center in Mexico as its document processing business continues to expand. The company has now welcomed new banking industry clients and is processing more than 100,000 credit card applications a day at its US-based delivery center.

  • Launch of Services for the Banking Industry

    DATAMARK expands its scope and begins serving the needs of the banking and financial services industry.

  • DATAMARK Offers

    DATAMARK’s programmers create “Keying on Image” software and the company becomes one of the first outsourcing vendors to offer data entry from digital images of paper documents.

  • DATAMARK Opens Doors to Second Location

    Rapidly growing, DATAMARK moves operations to its second facility at Butterfield Trail Industrial Park in El Paso. The 16,000-square-feet facility allows DATAMARK to expand its operations significantly. Hiring of staff and management ramps up, as does investment in computer workstations, servers and network infrastructure.

  • First Location Opens

    DATAMARK opens its first location in El Paso, Texas to provide document processing services for an international overnight courier. DATAMARK employees begin keying data from its client’s transportation documents for the first time. Twenty-six employees are on the payroll in February 1990.

  • Bill and Becky Holmes Launch DATAMARK

    During the late 1980s, multinational corporations begin to find a competitive edge through what becomes known as business process outsourcing, or BPO: the outsourcing of back-office functions such as data entry and document processing to outside service providers. Recognizing an opportunity, husband and wife Bill and Becky Holmes launch business process outsourcing (BPO) company, DATAMARK Incorporated. Bill serves as president of the new company and Becky assumes the role of vice president of operations.

DATAMARK Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional Service